Frequently Asked Questions

Do you ship my bottles to me? [Back to Top]

No. As of now all bottles will need to be picked up at our Idaho Springs location. You will need to bring your ID to verify that your are 21 years old and of legal drinking age in Colorado. 

How does a proxy work? [Back to Top]

If you do not live in Colorado or have a circumstance where you are unable to pick up your member beers or purchases, you may appoint a proxy at time of purchase/release to act on your behalf. All rules that apply to members apply to your proxy including, but not limited to: pickup window, 21 years of age and valid ID, present original receipt of purchase, etc.

How long should I age these beers? [Back to Top]

We will release these beers when we think they taste great and are ready to drink, but many of these beers will age comfortably for 3-10 years. We will be releasing blog posts as our brewers drink these beers over time, with updates on tasting notes and how long to conisder aging certain bottles. 

What if my proxy steals my beer? [Back to Top]

You chose your friends so.... maybe you lost a friend?

What kind of beers can I expect to receive as a member? [Back to Top]

Members will be given 8 bottles of 4 different brands of barrel-aged beer. The production team will decide the best beers in our cellar to package on roughly a quarterly basis. While we can't hint at the beers yet, we have a number of clean beers in bourbon and spirits barrels and a number of golden sour beers aged in wine and neutral barrels with plans for fruiting. As inagural members of our From the Vault club, you will be given one bonus bottle as a thank you for being early adopters.

What’s your Return Policy? [Back to Top]

The From the Vault Bottle Club is a signup only club. Please do not share the link or signup if you did not originally signup for our bottle club online or in person. Further, please do not share the link for this reason. Orders processed by customers who do not appear on our original mailing list will not be honored and the purchase will be a donation. If you recieved an email from us directly you are on the original mailing list.